SUPER LED AND HI ENERGY SYSTEMS™ manufacture and supply of quality Indoor and Outdoor LED light fittings and Solar PV power plants to provide reliable, environmentally friendly electric power for residential, commercial, industrial applications. Energy from sun is most vital to keep our planet clean and green. It is effective alternative to the damaging impact of fossil fuel generated electric power.

SUPER LED AND HI ENERGY SYSTEMS™ is a 100% privately-owned company established in August 2009, by R.M.Ramanujam who has almost 50 years of experience in the energy and electronic industries. With these years of experience, his vertically integrated business model keeps down production costs, passing savings on to the customers. SUPER LED AND HI ENERGY SYSTEMS™ have built-up confidence among the clients as the best solution providers on LED lightings and solar PV power generation.

SUPER LED AND HI ENERGY SYSTEMS™ has the resources and experience to meet the needs of the customers who requires safe and cost effective LED lightings and solar power. We are proud to offer LED fittings and solar PV power generation systems with clean technology to cater the rapidly developing market and it is capable of meeting every need of the customer.SUPER LED AND HI ENERGY SYSTEMS™ has achieved in developing and manufacturing energy efficient and durable DC-DC drivers, AC-DC drivers and solar charge controllers to suit hot climatic conditions around the world. Our products are fitted with such a parts to offer trouble free service in any environment.

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