Solar Home Lighting Systems

SUPER LED AND HI-ENERGY SYSTEMS™ has introduced several models of solar lighting systems ranging from 300Wp to 10,000Wp to suit various installations. Every Customer has choice to choose according to the requirement. These systems are designed to produce enough power to feed the system and independent from electricity grid.

These  models  are suitable for backup power supply  for home and industrial lighting systems where they require un-interrupted power supply.

ECS300 300Wp 500 VA 120Ah -12V X 1
ECS700 700Wp 1 KVA 200Ah -12V X 2
ECS1300 1.3KWp 1.5 KVA 150Ah -12V X 5
ECS1800 1.8KWp 2 KVA 150Ah -12V X 7
ECS 3000 3KWp 3.5KVA 150Ah -24V X 5
ECS5000 5KWp 6 KVA 150Ah -24V X 7
ECS8000 8KWp 9 KVA 200Ah -24V X 11
ECS 10000 10KWp 12 KVA 200Ah -24V X 13
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